Group Therapy

Group therapy can be a very powerful and changing experience. There are some groups that are more focused on learning skills, while other are more focused on the interpersonal dynamics of the group. Group therapy can be useful as a form of therapy by itself or as an adjunct to another type of therapy.  PsychCare offers several different groups that include, anger management group, coping through connecting group, domestic violence survivor’s group, and social skills friendship group. Below, you will find more information about the groups that are offered. If any of these groups interest you or if you would like to know more information about the groups, please contact the office at 410-343-9756

 Anger Management Group

           Coping Through Connecting

This group offers a variety of strategies to control and manage feelings of anger. Members learn their triggers, so that they become more aware of their reactions and are better able to control their responses to them. Additionally, members learn more healthy ways to respond to the stresses in their daily lives through relaxation, assertiveness training, and other techniques.
Interpersonal Process GroupThis group is for adult men and women. You will learn about emotions (negative and positive) and how you can get them to work for you rather than against you, your triggers (events or situations that cause discomfort, such as mood disruptions or anxiety), how to regulate and manage your moods, healthier and more effective coping skills, how to communicate and get your needs met, among other topics. By utilizing the support of the group and gaining feedback and insight from other group members, the group can assist you in achieving positive growth and change.

 Domestic Violence Survivor’s Group

 Social Skills Friendship Group

This is a support group for those who have been the victim of domestic violence. The group will focus on ways to help victims begin to heal and move forward with their life and to move from victim to survivor.  Participants will learn about the cycle of abuse, personal empowerment, and stress management. This is a safe place to get in touch with your feelings and to share your experience, strength, and hope.
Social Skills Friendship GroupSocial Skills Friendship Group is a group therapy  program designed to help children facilitate positive social skills in a group of their peers.  The group aims to strengthen relationship skills, enhance self esteem, and promote healthy self-expression. Children will benefit from the pleasure of supportive relationships in an interactive and engaging group.