Adult ADD/ADHD Coaching & Therapy

Adult ADDADHD Coaching & Therapy

At PsychCare, Dr. Breuer is our leading adult ADHD treatment expert. ADD/ADHD occurs in 1 percent to 5 percent of adults, but is often underrrecognized and undertreated. Adult ADD/ADHD can be as impairing as it is in children. We provide ADD/ADHD coaching and therapy that is based on the first evidence-based treatment for adult ADD/ADHD. The treatment model used directly attacks the symptoms of ADD/ADHD using a collaborative framework with our clients.

The therapy/coaching for Adult ADD/ADHD can be used as either a compliment to the use of medication, or it can be used as the primary treatment for the up to 50 percent of cases where medication is relatively ineffective. Contact us today for more information about ADHD coaching and treatment for adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity (ADHD) in Baltimore MD.